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Healthy Parent Child Relationship

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Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Posted on January 10, 2016 at 3:05 PM Comments comments ()

One has to acknowledge that parenting is a full-time job that does not come with a cook book recipe.  However, as parents, we desire that our children grow up to be healthy and happy adults. This hard work and dedication means being in the presence, enjoying the relationship exchange that takes place, finding pleasure in the play, and being in-tuned to your child's needs. These needs at times become very challenging and complex for mothers who are often challenged by their own emotional struggles.  However, the rewards are great, once parents become aware of the importance of the signifance of the parent-child-relationship.

"Parents often do not realize the power that they have in the dyadic relationship and become helpless at times. However, with encouragement, developmental guidance and education, parents can learn the importance of fostering healthy parent-child relationship, and how this relationship forms the blueprint for future relationships." 

~Dr. Harleen Hutchinson, Infant Mental Health Specialist~