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Customer Testimonials

During the trauma training for my staff, Dr. Harleen Hutchinson synthesized huge amounts of the emerging neurobiology to frame a story of development we could all understand. We enjoyed her pace, filled with anectdotes, theory, and lived experiences. As a staff, we felt rejuvenated and able to take on existing and new challenges as a cohesive team.

Mika Sauri, Educational Consultant

Mika's International Tutoring Services (MITS)

Dr. Hutchinson is the first professional I have encountered who is not a teacher, yet understands our students and what they are going through in the same intricate way we do as educators! Not only does she understand the impact of trauma and how it is demonstrated in our students, she has the ability to explain this to educators in a way that they can understand and implement strategies to assist our students. Being able to see through a trauma lens as an educator means that teachers are less frustrated with "challenging behaviors" because they can understand the reasons behind them! Once a teacher is no longer frustrated and can relate to a student and understand their needs, they can build that relationship and help reach a student. The outcome is simply a miracle! The changes I have seen in my staff since Dr. Hutchinson has been supporting and training our center is absolutely priceless.

Michelle's International Learning House

Cara Cerchione, Director

I met Dr. Hutchinson roughly 4 1/2 years ago. My daughter was having drug and alcohol issues & I had custody of her newborn. I was at the most confusing crossroad any mother could be in. Protecting my newborn grandchild, from my own daughter, and all that comes with that including the psychological, emotional, physical, financial, and emotional toll on the entire family. The baby was withdrawn, didn't give eye contact, had social and emotional issues- and we were just a few short years away from retirement. I had already raised 2 kids, but I was lost. The court had ordered Dyadic therapy with Mrs Hutchinson. From our first visit I was relieved to have guidance in specific nurturing activities that eventually led to many of my granddaughters social and emotional issues being resolved. I often said to her during our meeting how our early education system teaches things that will never be needed in practical life whereas some of these exercises would be beneficial to every parent and child. She is 4 1/2 now and has no problem giving eye contact and talking through her emotions. For me, the hour a week was not enough. So much goes on in one week. I had often wished it could be more. I have since adopted my granddaughter and worked out a visitation agreement with my daughter. Dr. Hutchinson also helped us through that very trying time. For me that was my 1 hour a week where someone could help make sense of a very difficult situation. Personally, I don't know what I would have done without the guidance.

Darlene Arman, Mother

Prior to obtaining services for my son, I struggled with finding a clinician who was knowledgeable and skilled at treating young children until I was referred to Dr. Hutchinson by my pediatrician. Her knowledge, compassionate and caring attitude allowed me to recognize the importance of having a supportive and consistent relationship with my son, which has contributed to his treatment success. She was able to understand my family's story and provide a safe space to help me open up and address the impact of these issues on my son's emotional challenges. I highly recommend Dr. Hutchinson and her dedicated team at the journey Institute.

Brittney Jones, Mother

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